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Community Involvement


MVCAA recognizes that the needs of low-income families are interrelated and success is dependent upon our ability to understand the complexity of issues impacting them if they are going to move out of poverty and remain self-sufficient. MVCAA has made the shift to address the complexity of the issues related to poverty by increasing our community engagement activities to include workshops, simulations and trainings. These are offered to community groups that represent a cross section of expertise that encompasses education, health care, service and funding organizations.

MVCAA endeavors to advocate for low-income families by providing educational opportunities for the broader community. To date, through our Community Engagement activities:

  • educators are better equipped to understand the ongoing issues related to poverty that negatively impacts children and families;
  • health care providers have a better understanding of the issues that compromise access and usage of health services;
  • funders have experienced the complexities of the issues faced by low-income families.

MVCAA offers several opportunities for the community to engage in the fight against poverty, and is available to facilitate, coordinate or host the following:

  • Poverty Simulations
  • Getting Ahead Training
  • Financial Literacy Training
  • Bridges Out of Poverty
  • Community Cafes

Please call 315-624- 9930 x2275 for further information.

Community Partners

MVCAA can't have the impact on poverty that it does without the help of community partners.  Having strong partnerships within the community allows us to offer families a wide range of opportunities in a seamless, consistent manner.

Community Needs Assessment

MVCAA conducts a comprehensive community-wide assessment every 3 years with an update done annually.  Please click on the link below to view the most current assessment:


Community Wide Strategic Needs Assessment 2015-2018.pdf

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