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Mohawk Valley Community Action is the frontline resource for people living in poverty in Oneida and Herkimer Counties, providing direct services and support for education, employment and family support services. For anyone living in the Mohawk Valley, whether they were raised in poverty, or they suddenly find themselves there due to unemployment, disability or a change in household, Mohawk Valley Community Action should be considered their FIRST STEP when seeking assistance.  By helping people in poverty follow a clear path to improvement, Mohawk Valley Community Action provides hope for a better tomorrow for those in our community who need it the most.   

For over 50 years, Mohawk Valley Community Action has served as the hub connecting local people living in poverty with Early Head Start, Head Start, and Universal Pre-K , utility assistance, tax preparation; Housing Assistance, Senior Services, Weatherization, Foster Grandparents and Youth Services.  Moreover, MVCAA helps community members living in poverty see a clear path to bettering their situation.  Once this vision has been realized, a new sense of hope is naturally instilled.  The feeling of hope starts small, but grows as the client realizes that they truly have a partner in the community to help them navigate all the services available to them.   

For the 2017 Annual Report, please follow this link.


MVCAA, Inc. is dedicated to empowering individuals, families and the communities of Herkimer and Oneida Counties in Central New York and is recognized as a viable, working solution to moving people out of poverty.

Carole Torok-Huxtable

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2018-2019 MVCAA Policy Council
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Naybel Castellano Miranda

Christina Hajdasz

Elizabeth Hall

Chris Hallberg

Deanna Matsko

Heather Miner

Natalie Orbinati

Shameel Preston

Kathie Rider

Jessie Rocker

Tiffany Schmidt

Allison Smith

Irina Tur

Kandis Underwood

Nakeisha Underwood

Elaine Chrysler

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Jessica Graham

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