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Utica PD Supports MVCAA's Adopt a Police Officer Program

Utica PD Supports MVCAA's Adopt a Police Officer Program

The Utica Police Department is partnering with 2 of MVCAA’s Head Start classrooms for the Adopt A Police Officer Program.  The objective of this program is to provide positive experiences between children and police officers, to celebrate those that protect us and unite the community.  The Program began in December, and two police officers, Officer Manny Anken and Officer Jimmy Dongsavanh, visit the classrooms twice a month.  The relationships they’ve built with the children have been a positive experience for everyone. 

Melissa Wines, Calvary Site Supervisor, has this testimonial:

“The Adopt a Police Officer Program has been a huge success here at Calvary.  When the Officers first started to visit, many of the students were hesitant and some of our little ones were scared.  This is not the case currently.  The students love seeing them, and when the Officers walk through the door, the children’s little faces just light up.  The Officers talk to the students and make a real effort to get to know each child.  They ask them about their lives, and are genuinely interested in their daily activities.  They participate in the classrooms where they sometimes lead the group or just integrate into the current activity.  They play with the students, read to them, and have even done Zumba.  The last time they came, all of the children gave them a high five or a hug before they left, even our toddlers. These Officers are special; they are kind, considerate, and deeply committed to their profession.  I am so grateful to the officers and am so impressed with their compassion for our children.”

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